Shoot and Sell Stock Footage to Make Passive Earnings

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For a lot of people trying to make a living, the goal of a job is to make you active earning. I work for a dream, you say? Well, the dream of every, if not most people, is to stay cozy, stay in bed, visit a country one longed for, or try every café in town, instead of being stuck at an office table but still makes a living.

With that being said, how is your current job treating you? Are there moments that you are tired of your life being tied to your active earnings? It is true that you earn as much as you work, but people are always trying to find a way out of this.

You would agree that it feels great if what you love brings you profit. Do you enjoy taking your beloved camera around on weekends and make some great shots? Have you ever thought that the video footage you took during a family trip could become your passive income?

To make it possible, do some research and pick a stock footage marketplace to start with. It is worth mentioning that China has a huge demand for stock footage. The time when video editors can rip clips from the internet is in history. More and more attention is paid to copyright protection. There is a substantial legal risk doing so. Big companies in China are turning their attention to stock footage marketplace sites. Among those sites, one fast-growing candidate is 100wa.

The steps for submitting your clips are simple. Register and apply to be a contributor, wait for approval, and you are good to submit. Keywording is crucial to your future sales as customers search for clips by keywords. Make sure the keywords are relevant and comprehensive. If that’s too much trouble, there are keyword generators made by other stock footage contributors.

When all that is done, go back to your daily routine, maybe upload a few more clips now and then. In the beginning, it might not turn into a lot of profit, but surprises always find you when you are not expecting. Keep managing your portfolio, paying attention to what sells better, focus your new contents on those with higher commercial potential, and you will find your earning growth steadier. Eventually, this part of passive earnings become a part of your life. It makes you feel more secure and laid-back.

This is not an article telling you to quit your job. Instead, this article gives you an example of making your personal hobby something profitable.


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